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A ring designer is a jeweler who helps people to bring their vision for custom rings to life! A ring designer will go over your idea, draft initial proofs, and have further consultation with you in order to create your dream ring – at OroSpot, we pride ourselves on handmaking every piece of jewelry we sell & on our legendary customer service. It’s entirely likely that one of our designs will even work for you as is, since they’re entirely original.

If you’re not finding what you’re looking for from popular jewelry brands or if you’re just unable to find jewelry designs that you’re looking for, working with a ring designer on our jewelry team may be the right choice for you! We have several original items & collections in our shop that will cost much less money than what you’ll spend in the large, national chain stores.

What does a ring designer do and what are the steps in designing a ring?

The following steps will highlight how engagement ring designers may create a custom, one-of-a-kind engagement ring that would be the envy of many brides.

1. Initial Consultation

The first step in designing custom engagement rings is to book a consult with our jewelry designer. This consult will include a chat about your vision for the engagement ring or wedding bands, as well as potential jewelry design ideas to add to your vision for your new piece. Do you want to have a diamonds in the ring, a rose gold band, to feature different gemstones in the band, a vintage style or modern style? Do you want a specific style of center-stone cut? This is the time to tell your designer! If you’re in the New York City area, you may even be able to come by & see us for your custom jewelry.

If you know what you’re looking for, sketch out your idea (to the best of your ability). This will help our designers to picture your perfect ring a bit better. If your sketch/idea isn’t super-specific, or if you simply want to build on your initial idea, start shopping around on online jewelry stores that sell engagement rings and images of engagement rings on the Internet. As you go, add elements (filigree, unique setting, organic lines, mixed metals, etc.) that catch your eye to your sketch. The more specific your sketch is, and the more that you understand how to express your wishes to your designer, the more likely you are to have a high-quality version of the ring that you want created by your jewelry designers.

2. Drafting and Design

After the consultation, the designer that you choose to work with will create a high-quality mockup of the ring or rings that you’re looking to have created. This is typically done with high quality images and sketches for you to review.

Feedback is crucial to this process. It’s normal to feel strange when speaking to an experienced jewelry designer about your vision for your ring. The ring designer is an expert, with years of knowledge, artistry, and passion; you’re working with them with your idea sketches. Don’t let this stop you from asking questions and voicing concerns. It’s your ring, not the designer’s, and they may not recognize some of the details as being outside of what you want if you don’t speak up. We want our designs to represent what you have in mind.

3. Sourcing Stones and Metals

Once you approve the ring’s mockup, your jeweler will begin to source materials, whether your ring incorporates diamonds, Moissanite, or other stones. This is where the designer will bring all of the details together & you’ll see what a true beauty your unique ring will be. If at all possible, we recommend seeing all of the elements (metal and stone/stones) in person prior to the ring being created, in order to get a better idea of how the ring will turn out

One point to note is that diamonds, while traditional, may not be what works for everyone.

4. CAD Engineering

Often, a ring designer will use a process of 3D CAD engineering (three-dimensional computer-aided design) to create a model of your ring. Once approved, your designer will cast the ring in metal and hand-set the stones in the ring & will perform any carving that the ring may need. This is a very exciting step, as this completes the design and creation process of your unique engagement ring.

5. Delivery

After the brand-new piece has been completed, the shop will get the ring delivered to you. They will also advise you on cleaning and give you an appraisal of your brand new piece, which will be a true work of beauty with our personal touch!

Why do I need a designer for my diamond engagement ring or wedding bands?

While there is a vast selection of pre-made engagement rings and wedding rings, you may not always be able to find engagement ring designs that will fit your partner or wedding rings perfectly represent your relationship. If a diamond ring and diamond band, or any of the other engagement ring styles that you find, won’t fit into your love story, why not create your dream ring?

A custom engagement ring is a great way to show that you know them and to illustrate your commitment to them. On top of this, your partner’s rings are going to be one of the first things that people see whenever they meet them, so you want them to be representative of your partner and your relationship.

Custom engagement rings are often more intricate as well! Because the ring design is being created specifically for you, our ring designer will be able to add subtler and greater detail. Every detail in the design will be perfectly crafted for you!

If your partner is one of the brides that can be perfectly represented with a diamond engagement ring and a gold, simple band design for their wedding band, finding that combination of wedding and engagement rings while you shop would be your next move for them. So, for those that are a bit more unique in their tastes, having the perfect custom engagement ring and wedding band combination created for them should be your next move.

Is hiring a ring designer expensive?

Because designer rings are often more intricate in style and detail, they do typically cost more than a cookie-cutter, pre-made ring might. However, a designer ring isn’t necessarily out of the question for buyers on a budget. While these investment pieces feature more attention to detail, your jewelry designer will be able to work with you and customize the plan to create the perfect ring for most budgets.

Let us help you design your one of a kind ring! 

Whether you’re shopping for diamond ring designers or the perfect rose gold engagement ring with eye-catching gemstones, OroSpot is here to help you create the perfect engagement ring and wedding band combination for your partner in a variety of styles. We have something for everyone! You can browse some of our premade bands to customize below or shop for unique and vintage-inspired rings in our store!

We Love Making Engagement Rings

It’s true that we have several different designs & styles but engagement rings are more exciting for us because this sets the tone for a couple’s lifetime together & we want to be a part of every step. Nothing would please us more than to provide your custom jewelry for generations, whether you’re a California bride, or a New York groom in love with someone ready to take your name. The founder of our jewelry brand has worked tirelessly through the years to improve our service & make our name one that will be recognized by people for the quality it represents, rather than be another mall shop like the national brands.

Interested in something custom? Contact us!

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