Gem Enhancements

Gem Enhancements

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OroSpot offers top-quality colored gemstones that have been thoroughly evaluated by professional gemologists, using the highest industry standards. Almost all colored gemstones, including those sold by OroSpot, require some form of enhancement to bring out their unique visual qualities. Gemstones that have not been enhanced are extremely rare and expensive. (Our diamonds, however, are not enhanced except for regular cutting and polishing.)

Enhancement methods for colored gemstones

Gemstone enhancement techniques have been used for centuries, and many are still accepted by the gemstone industry. New methods are constantly being developed and may be difficult to detect, even by professional laboratories.

Below are examples of standard and most common techniques.

Heat Treatment

Old method that uses heat to permanently enhance the color and clarity of colored gemstones. Heat treated gemstones are considered acceptable by the jewelry market and by the American Gem Trade Association.


A method discovered centuries ago by merchants who enhanced the clarity of emeralds by immersing them in oil or wax. Today a similar technique is used to improve the appearance of gemstones, which are filled with a colored or colorless substance such as oil, wax, resin or glass.


Application of surface enhancements (wax, resin or oil) to a porous gemstone, in order to improve its durability and appearance.


The use of chemicals or other agents to lighten or remove a gemstone’s color, or to improve color consistency.


The introduction of coloring agents in order to alter, intensify or balance the color of a gemstone.


The process of permanent color alteration with the use of radiation, often followed by heat treatment.

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