Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

Before making a purchase, decide whether your wedding rings should be a matching set or rather fit each person’s individual style. Since the bride’s engagement ring and the wedding ring are often worn on the same finger, it is important to make sure that they compliment each other.

Wedding Rings for Women

American women traditionally wear their wedding and engagement rings together, on the left ring finger. The two rings can make a set, with similar diamonds and matching types of metal; some women prefer a unique non-matching combination that will showcase each individual ring.

Gold and Platinum Wedding Rings

For a classic wedding band, consider the timeless gold and platinum options. View our selection and choose the width and design that will complement your style.

Wedding Rings with Diamonds

When choosing a wedding ring embellished with diamonds, pay attention to the type of setting – for example, the prong setting will emphasize brilliance, while the channel setting offers better protection against abrasions.

Tip: A three-stone wedding ring is a beautiful symbolic representation of your past, present, and future spent together. Wedding Rings for Men

Most men prefer classic gold or platinum bands, which can be plain or enhanced with a subtle border design (such as milgrain), polish or diamond accents. Many couples choose matching rings, and the growing selection of men’s wedding bands makes it easier to pick a style that will satisfy both sides.

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