Diamond Gold Owl Pendant


Diamond Gold Owl Pendant

The meaning of an owl pendant can vary depending on cultural, personal, or symbolic associations. In many cultures, owls are often associated with wisdom, intelligence, and mystery. They are also known for their nocturnal nature, which can symbolize the hidden or mysterious aspects of life. Owls are sometimes seen as symbols of protection or guardianship in certain traditions.

In the context of jewelry, an owl pendant may carry personal significance to the wearer. Some people may choose an owl pendant because they admire the characteristics associated with owls, such as wisdom or the ability to see in the dark. Others may select it for its aesthetic appeal or as a representation of something meaningful to them.

Ultimately, the meaning of an owl pendant can be quite subjective and may vary from person to person.

Diamond Gold Owl Pendant

Sku#  P1640YPP

Stones: Round, brilliant cut diamonds

Stones quality: G-VS

Diamond weight: approx. 0.015Cttw

Material: 14k white gold (also available in 14k yellow and 14k rose/pink gold)

Designer: OroSpot

Setting Type: Burnish

Finish: High polished

Size: 18.5 mm tall, 10 mm wide (0.72 x 0.39 inch)

Please allow 1-2 weeks to complete the order.

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