Egyptian Ankh Cross necklace


The meaning of an Ankh pendant can vary depending on the individual wearing it and their personal beliefs and interpretations. However, in a general sense, the Ankh pendant carries several symbolic meanings:

  1. Life and Immortality: The Ankh is often interpreted as a symbol of life and immortality. Its loop at the top is believed to represent a person’s head, while the vertical and horizontal bars symbolize the arms and body. This combination suggests the idea of eternal life or the continuation of life beyond the physical realm.
  2. Protection: In ancient Egypt, the Ankh was considered a powerful amulet that could protect the wearer from harm and negative forces. Wearing an Ankh pendant can be seen as a way to seek protection and blessings.
  3. Spirituality: Many people wear Ankh pendants as a symbol of their spiritual beliefs or to signify a connection to ancient Egyptian culture and religion. It can be a representation of one’s faith or a reminder of their spiritual path.
  4. Fertility and Rebirth: The Ankh is sometimes associated with fertility and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. It may be worn as a symbol of hope for a fresh start or new beginnings.
  5. Personal Significance: The meaning of an Ankh pendant can be deeply personal. Some individuals may wear it to commemorate a loved one’s passing or to remind themselves to cherish life. Others may simply find the design aesthetically pleasing.

Egyptian Ankh Cross necklace

Size: 29 x 13mm

Material: 14k yellow gold (also available in 14k white and 14k rose/pink gold)


Designer: OroSpot

Finish: High polished

Designed and produced from scratch by OroSpot in New York City

Please allow 1-2 weeks to complete the order.

Gold Type

Rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold

Chain Length

16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch


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