Modern Diamond Eternity Band


Modern Diamond Eternity Band

This is a description of a diamond ring with specific characteristics:

  • The ring features a total of 1 carat (1ct) of diamonds.
  • It’s an eternity band, which means that diamonds encircle the entire circumference of the ring.
  • The band is designed in a “cut-down” style, which typically means that the diamonds are set close together for a seamless appearance.
  • The diamonds in this ring are of high quality, with a grade of G-VS. “G” likely refers to the color of the diamonds, with “VS” indicating that they have very slight inclusions, making them of excellent clarity.
  • The band itself has a width of approximately 2.5mm.

This description provides details about the carat weight, design, diamond size, setting style, quality, and band width of the ring. It’s a valuable reference for anyone interested in purchasing or understanding this particular piece of jewelry.

Modern Diamond Eternity Band

Diamond Quality: GVS

Diamond Weight:  Approx. .45CTTW

Setting Style: Channel

Width: 3.5mm

Metal: 14k Gold or Platinum

Finish: High Polish


Made from scratch in New York City

Center Stone Size

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