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Om Aum Yoga Hindu Gold Band


The OM AUM Yoga Hindu Gold Band is a profound and spiritually significant piece of jewelry that embraces the essence of Hinduism and Buddhism.

At its heart lies the OM (or AUM) sign, the main symbol of both Hinduism and Buddhism. This sacred symbol represents the primordial sound, believed to be the first breath of creation and the cosmic vibration that ensures existence. In various religious traditions, including Hinduism and Buddhism, the idea that creation began with sound is prevalent—symbolizing the power of sound in the genesis of the universe.

For Hindus and Buddhists, Om symbolizes God, Creation, and the interconnectedness of all creation—the Oneness that unites every living being in the universe.

Crafted in gold, this wedding band is designed as an eternity filigree ring, featuring the intricate cut-out design of the OM symbol. This unisex ring is a beautiful and meaningful way to carry the essence of spirituality and connection with the divine.

As you wear the OM AUM Yoga Hindu Gold Band, may it serve as a constant reminder of the sacred sound that resonates within you and connects you to the deeper spiritual truths of existence. Embrace the profound symbolism of this religious symbol ring, and let it accompany you on your journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. May it bring you blessings, harmony, and a sense of oneness with all that is.

This 14k yellow gold eternity OM band is 6.5 mm wide (0.26 inch) and is available in pink and white gold. Solid gold ring can be ordered in all sizes, please contact us for your size preference.


Om Aum Yoga Hindu Gold Band

Metal:  14K Gold

Width: 6.5 mm

Style: Eternity Ring


Made in New York City


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