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Choosing an Engagement Ring

No one engagement ring is the answer for every couple; in fact, the engagement ring you pick will help show just how much you know your partner. The pressure of this can make shopping for the best proposal ring super overwhelming. When you’re shopping engagement rings, there are some things you’ll need to consider.

Sifting Through Different Options for Engagement Rings

First thing’s first: Where is the best place to buy an engagement ring? For many people, buying an engagement ring online is becoming the best option. Shopping for a ring online will give you the flexibility of being able to shop at any time, as well as allowing you the discretion of not needing to explain where you were while shopping for a ring!

Once you have chosen the best place to purchase an engagement ring from (we think it should be us!), you will need to consider what the best engagement ring for your partner will be. While shopping for engagement rings for women, you will need to consider your partner’s jewelry style. Selecting a ring online gives you the opportunity to compare different engagement ring styles such as modern rings or vintage rings. Does the jeweler provide a quality guarantee? Every piece of jewelry in our store at OroSpot is hand-made by us, whether you’re looking at our diamond engagement rings, earrings, or pendants. We are the jewelry specialist you need & we guarantee the quality of every piece we produce!

Choosing the Right Metal

One of the first steps that you will need to make in choosing the perfect engagement ring is to shop by metal for the band. If your partner likes cooler tones and is more reserved with their jewelry pieces, you will likely want to shop for silver engagement rings or white gold engagement rings. For the partner that gravitates towards warmer tones and likes more noticeable jewelry pieces, you will want to look at gold or rose gold for the band. With these two options, you should consider whether your partner likes more classic pieces or enjoys fun pieces. Choosing a gold band will match better with a classic style, while rose gold is the perfect twist to have for a more fun engagement ring!

Rose Gold Leaf Engagement Ring OroSpot

Are Diamond Engagement Rings For You?

Classic Rings

If your partner has a classic style, shopping for a diamond engagement ring may be the first step you will want to take. This option will give you an assortment of classic, elegant engagement ring options to choose the perfect engagement ring for your significant other such as princess cut, baguette cut, cushion cut, a round stone, etc. You should also consider the carat weight that you plan on purchasing! You can view a few of our diamond engagement ring designs below, or shop for more here!

Minimalist Rings

If your partner has a more minimalist style, you will want to shop for simple engagement rings. Not only will this allow you to find the best minimalist ring option for your partner, but it will also open up to more affordable engagement rings, which is the perfect way to save some money for an even better honeymoon! In addition to being reflective of individual preferences, a simple ring can also be purchases with the intent to add a jacket to it later, incorporating it into the wedding ring. Remember, a diamond is still an option here because a solitaire engagement ring with a stunning stone & a simple band can make a dramatic impact all on its own.

Modern Rings

For the modern-day woman, you can shop for a variety of modern engagement rings. This style is perfect for women who like classic looks with a modern twist! You can view a few of our modern engagement ring designs below, or shop for more here!

Gemstone Rings

If your partner is a free-spirited individual, you may want to consider a more unconventional design for the ring. Gemstone engagement rings or rings that feature color diamonds are perfect for this! These rings can pull on any other style, such as classic, simple, or modern, with a twist of individuality. You can see a sampling of our gemstone engagement ring designs below, or shop for more here!

Don’t forget to shop wedding bands!

The engagement ring is only the first step in getting the perfect ring set for your significant other. For your partner’s wedding band, you’ll want to shop by the metal type and style to make sure that you have a design that matches the engagement ring that you choose. Typically, wedding bands are on the more minimalist side of the jewelry design, but you can find band options that have that extra piece of flair if your partner enjoys more noticeable pieces. You can view a few options from our wedding band collections below, or shop our wedding band collections here!

We Have The Right Ring In Our Store

No matter what design style you choose, there will be a variety of options, so you will need to narrow down the designs quite a bit, but don’t let this scare you off! Finding the perfect ring for your significant other can be super exciting. You should make sure that you take your time to consider all of the variables, such as stone size and cut, along with the metal of the ring. All of these elements combined will help you to find the perfect ring for your partner!

We know that this can be a very overwhelming chapter of your life, but here at OroSpot, we’re here to help you find the perfect ring for your other half! Please take your time to look through our collections to begin narrowing down the perfect piece of jewelry for your love, whether you prefer one of our sets, a ring setting, or you prefer rings that can be transformed into wedding rings after you say “I do.”

Let us help you decide on the perfect engagement ring - it's what we do every day.

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