Hand etched vintage curved wedding band diamond pave ring designed by OroSpot

Curved Wedding Bands

Curved rings first became popular in the Victorian era, then the Art Deco period. Today, they’re making a comeback in fashion in a big way, which means that more and more brides are opting for their wedding band to be curved as well.

Why do I want a curved wedding band?


Curved rings are super attractive and offer that extra bit of flair to a bride’s engagement ring / wedding ring pairing. They can add a unique style to a bride’s rings and their everyday style and look! If your partner is someone who enjoys wearing a unique jewelry piece and unique jewelry pairings, a curved wedding band may be perfect for them.


We’ve covered the style, but did you know there’s a functional reason that curved wedding bands are great as well? If you’re pairing an engagement ring with the wedding band, oftentimes the center stone of the engagement ring will stick out over the band. This can cause the wedding band to be pushed around on the finger and, in some cases, scratched or marred. With a curved wedding band, the band will fit around the center stone of the engagement ring. This will give the rings that stackable look that you see with rings that have smaller center stones or rings that don’t have a center stone. It also adds a certain level of refinement to the look, as rings that are able to be pushed together and straightened out in a way that they will stay will give the wearer a more clean-cut and put-together look!

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Okay, what’s the catch?

Sharp Curves

One major catch is the tip of the ring where it curves. If the curved wedding band is one that has a pointed tip, rather than a rounded tip, it can get caught on a lot of small objects. This can cause it to get caught in fabrics and pull threads out of clothes. If your partner is one that tends to wear clothes that are prone to being caught on sharp objects, look for a curved wedding ring that has a rounded tip to the curve!


The other main problem with a curved ring is that they are much harder to resize while maintaining the quality. This means that you would likely have to find a jewelry store or a jewelry resizer that is specialized in resizing curved wedding bands. This can make the cost be higher than resizing a straight wedding band and may still compromise the overall integrity of the wedding band. Because of this, you should ensure that you’re purchasing a wedding band with the correct ring size. Using a ring sizer to determine your partner’s ring size will help you to get the correct sizing. Another great thing to do, as fingers’ sizes do change, is to get a curved wedding band that is easier to resize than others. While you shop for wedding bands, ask the jeweler if the wedding bands that you’re shopping for have a design that is easy to resize. Different styles of curved wedding bands will be harder to resize than others, so looking for one that is easier to resize will help immensely. As you shop for the wedding band, take into account the finer details of the ring. If it has a more complicated design and/or has stones, such as diamonds, embedded in the metal, it may be harder to resize than others.

We’re here for you!

As you continue on your journey to choosing the perfect wedding band, we’re here to answer any questions that you have about OroSpot’s curved wedding rings. Contact us with your questions today!

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