The Celtic Triskele diamond Gold Earrings

The Celtic Triskele

The meaning of the Celtic Triskele, Also Known as the Triskelion or Triple Spiral

The triskele’s name is derived from the Greek word “triskeles”, which means “three legs”. The symbol dates back to the Neolithic era in the United Kingdom and can be seen at the entrance to Newgrange, Ireland. Many symbolists believe that the triskele is reflective of many meanings in a variety of cultures.

One of the things that the triskele is thought to be a symbol of is motion. This is due to the fact that the arms of the symbol are positioned to give the appearance that the symbol is moving outwards from the center. Motion, particularly in Celtic culture, is believed to represent energies, such as the motion of action, cycles, competition, revolution, and progress.

The more challenging area of the symbolism of the triskele is the significance of the fact that there are three arms, rather than two or four. This can have a variety of connotations, depending on the era and culture, which is why the meaning of the Triskelion is so disputed.

Some of the believed symbols of the Triskelion, based on the three arms of the triple spiral, include life-death-rebirth, mother-father-child, past-present-future, creation-preservation-destruction, power-intellect-love, creation-protection-destruction and spirit-mind-body. These are only a few of the believed meanings of the spiral, other beliefs regarding the triple spiral symbol include a variety of meanings, even that of a triple goddess.

Some symbolists and Irish believe that, through the combination of these two beliefs, we are able to find one meaning of the triskele design. It is believed to be a symbol of forward motion in order for the individual to reach understanding or clarity. This is not, however, believed to be the only meaning. It is also believed to be a symbol of the three Celtic worlds within Irish culture. The three worlds are the spiritual world, the present world, and the celestial world. The number three holds a great deal of meaning within the triskele, as it does within the ancient Trinity knot.

The meaning of the Celtic triskelion is a diverse, varied, and disputed one with a long history of possibilities. It’s far more complex than many religious or spiritual symbols are and is incredibly prominent in jewelry, art, clothing, and a variety of other products in Irish and Celtic culture. The symbol is so prominent in the cultures that it has been used in a variety of Ireland’s families’ coat of arms and in the flag of the Irish Air Corps.

The triskele is still a prominent symbol that has seemingly grown in relevance throughout the years of its existence. It is largely popular today in a variety of places, including artwork and jewelry, where its spirals are featured for its symbolism. Here at OroSpot, we carry earrings that feature the Triskelion. You can check that out below and shop our other jewelry here!

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