3D Artichoke Charm 14k Gold


3D Artichoke Charm 14k Gold

A shapely plant with large, richly layered edible flowers, the artichoke lends itself beautifully to decorative motifs, including jewelry – like this gorgeous pendant! Artichoke’s thick fleshy leaves conceal a tender core – perhaps that’s why since antiquity it has been a symbol of abundance and hope, as well as the ability to get to the heart of matters. Artichoke’s Latin name – Cynara – is connected with a myth, in which a beautiful girl named Cynara did not want to give up her earthly home in order to become a goddess and the love interest of Zeus, who, in turn, transformed her into an artichoke, capturing her heart in a protective crown of leaves. With skillfully detailed, rich texture and elegant matte finish, our artichoke pendant makes a great piece to wear or to give.
The pendant is made of 14k yellow gold; it is 11 mm tall and 8 mm wide (0.43 x 0.31 inch) and comes with 14k yellow gold chain (we offer two different chain lengths: 16 and 18 inches). The pendant is also available in 14k pink/rose and white gold.

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3D Artichoke Charm 14k Gold

Sku: P1635YPP

Size: 11mm x 8mm

Metal: Solid 14K Gold (available in 14K white, yellow or rose gold)

Finish: Matte finish


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