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We Have Unique Wedding Bands!

The wedding band that your partner wears will represent both your partner and your relationship with them. This can make finding the right rings a daunting task, especially because there is such a large variety of wedding band styles. If your partner prefers classic, clean styles with a diamond center stone, you will want to shop for styles like this. However, if your partner is one of many who prefers jewelry that is not necessarily traditional, you may want to explore the many unique wedding band options.

What constitutes a unique design and why do I want one for my partner?

A unique design for your partner’s wedding rings is a great way to show that you know them and to illustrate your commitment to them. Remember, their rings are going to be one of the first things that people see whenever they meet them, so you want them to be representative of your partner and your relationship. If your partner can be perfectly represented with a diamond wedding ring or a gold, simple band design for their wedding ring, finding that combination of rings while you shop would be your next move for them. So, for those that are a bit more unique in their tastes, having the perfect ring combination created for them should be your next move.

How do I choose the right rings?


In recent years, there has been a major shift in the trends for wedding rings away from diamonds and solitaire rings. Brides have often been opting for wedding rings that have unexpected stones in them. Typically in a wedding ring, you may see a diamond, blue sapphire, or emerald. These will be with any variety of the popular stone shapes, such as round cut, princess cut, emerald cut, marquise cut, asscher cut, and so on through a variety of clean, crisp shapes. With the recent shift in trends, diamond wedding rings and other common wedding rings have seen a downturn in popularity.

Many brides will now opt for their favorite gemstone, like rubies and amethysts, or for a grey or black diamond ring. The center stone in these rings can be seen in any variety of cuts from the stone shape in the famous solitaire wedding ring to a stone that has a natural, uncut look to it. Taking a look at what your partner likes and tends to wear more often will help you to choose the perfect stone with them that will also match their fine jewelry on date night!


Another big thing to consider for finding your partner’s unique wedding rings is the metal of the band. There are a variety of things to consider whenever it comes to the band’s metal, including not only the type of metal, but also the texture. Some examples of metal textures are:

  • Parallel Hammer – This texture gives the metal a long, linear hammered shape going around the band.
  • Round Hammer – This texture is likely what you think of when you think of hammered metal; it gives the metal a round hammered shape going around the band.
  • High Polish – A ring with a high polish is going be smooth to the touch. This type of polish is much more easily marred than other metal finishes but is quite popular for wedding rings.
  • Matte Finish – A matte finish to the ring is going to have that matte, textured feeling while still keeping the same finish throughout with fewer inconsistencies than other textures. This finish is much easier to nick and show imperfections on.
  • Brushed – This texture gives the band the long-lined texture that makes it look a bit more weathered. This is a superficial finish, like high polish and matte, that will show wear as time passes.
  • Charcoal Plating / GunMetal Plating – This will make the metal that you choose appear much darker, often dark grey or black, and is often used along with a polish. Because it is plating, the finish typically will not wear off over time and will keep the same finish. When paired with rose gold or yellow gold, the grey will appear warmer, while it will appear cooler on metals such as white gold or sterling silver.

The metals of the wedding band that you choose should either match or complement one another. Most brides choose to have the band and ring use the same metal so that they match more, but if your partner tends to mix metals and enjoys the look of complementing colors more than matching colors, they may prefer to have a complimentary metal instead. A great combination example is a white gold engagement ring paired with a rose gold wedding band!


Whether you’re looking at having a message engraved on the inside or a design etched on the outside, there are a ton of ways to make the ring more unique and personal. If you would like to add an engraving, you should keep in mind that more delicate etchings are likely to trap dirt later on and may be difficult to clean. An engraving is a simple, lovely way to personalize a women’s ring design.

Custom Bands and Stone Settings

Another thing to consider, if your partner is more free-spirited, would be a nature-inspired or wedding ring. Many brides are choosing rings that have a floral, delicate look to them. This is often done by having the band twist and wind around their finger like a vine with leaf details added on. Sometimes, the stone is a more classic cut, but you can often find a stone that has more of a floral look to it placed in the center of the ring, in order to look like it is growing on the vine!

If your partner isn’t the nature-inspired jewelry type, you can consider other types of custom bands as well! There is no end to the number of options for this, as the way to do it is up to your imagination and what your jeweler offers. This can be done by creating a band that looks like two or three strands twisted together, with a shank ring style, with a crossover style, and any other style that you can think of to entertain the band!

OroSpot Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

No matter what combination of metal and stone(s) that you choose, OroSpot is here to help you find the perfect engagement ring and wedding ring combination for your partner. We have something for everyone! You can browse some of our unique ring options below or shop for more unique and vintage inspired rings here!

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