Bride holding a bouquet and showing off ring | Victorian Engagment Rings for Sale

Victorian Engagement Rings for the Victorian Ring Lover

If you are looking for an exquisite and unique engagement ring, then a Victorian engagement ring design may be just the thing for you! These vintage engagement rings were inspired by the designs that were popular during the Victorian era, and remain popular today for their elegant designs.

Victorian Vintage Styles

There are many different styles of Victorian engagement rings, but they all share a few common features. First, they are usually crafted from yellow gold or rose gold instead of white gold or silver, which was the most popular metal during the Victorian era. Second, they often feature intricate designs with filigree work, gemstones, and engraving. A popular setting for these rings is a three-stone ring setting. Finally, they tend to be quite large and ostentatious, which was also a trend during the Victorian era.

Bride holding a bouquet and showing off ring | Victorian Engagment Rings for Sale

The History of Victorian Engagement Rings

The history of the Victorian engagement ring begins with Queen Victoria herself. In 1839, she became engaged to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and wore a beautiful emerald and diamond ring. This ring was so popular that it sparked a trend for emerald engagement rings, which were thought to be good luck charms.

However, the most popular type of Victorian engagement ring was the diamond solitaire. This style of ring featured a single set of cut diamonds in a gold or silver band. Diamonds were seen as symbols of Eternal Love and were very popular during the Victorian era.

The Victorian era was also a time when engagement rings became more elaborate and expensive. Wealthy Victorians would often have their engagement rings made from yellow or rose gold and adorned with gemstones, art deco engravings, and filigree work.

Today, many couples are choosing to purchase vintage or antique Victorian engagement rings. These rings are not only beautiful but also full of history and meaning.

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