Diamond OM AUM Pendant


Diamond OM AUM Pendant

The OM (AUM) symbol is the central icon in Hinduism and is considered the primordial sound of creation. It represents the concept that creation originated with sound, echoing the idea that “In the beginning was the word.” In Hinduism and Buddhism, OM is seen as the fundamental sound, the initial breath of creation, and the enduring vibration that sustains existence. The OM symbol embodies the ideas of divinity, creation, and the interconnected oneness of all things in existence.

Om (Aum) pendant is made of solid 14K yellow gold and is high polished (available in white, yellow or pink gold)


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Diamond OM AUM Pendant

Sku#  P1022WPP

Material 14K White gold (also available in 14k yellow and 14k rose gold)

Designer OroSpot

Size (mm) 30mm x 20mm

Designed and produced by OroSpot in New York City

Please allow 2 weeks to complete the order.


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