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Rose Cut Moissanite Vintage Ring


Introducing the exquisite Rose Cut Moissanite Vintage Ring, a timeless piece that exudes vintage charm and sophistication.

At its heart lies a captivating 6.5mm double rose cut Harro Moissanite, a gem of unparalleled beauty and brilliance. Accompanying this magnificent center stone is a certificate to assure its authenticity and quality.

The metal of choice for this enchanting ring is 14k white gold, though you also have the option of 14k yellow or rose gold, allowing you to select the perfect hue to suit your taste.

The ring’s finish is executed in a high polish, ensuring a radiant and lustrous shine that complements the brilliance of the moissanite.

Embrace the elegance and allure of vintage design with this Rose Cut Moissanite Vintage Ring. Its timeless appeal and exquisite craftsmanship make it a cherished symbol of love and a captivating addition to your jewelry collection.


Ring is made in USA

Rose Cut Moissanite Vintage Ring

Unique Double Rose Cut Harro Moissanite Engagement Ring Featured 6.5mm Center Stone Set in Bezel.

Ring contains round, 6.5mm (Harro Moissanite) , set in bezel and is hand engraved, high polished and rhodium plated.  This modern ring was photographed in 14k white gold, but is also available in yellow and rose gold. Ring is made from scratch and comes with Harro Moissanite certificate and appraisal.

Please allow 3 weeks to complete the ring.



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