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Thin Sapphire Eternity Ring


Skinny French Sapphires Eternity Ring

The PT950 platinum eternity wedding band you described sounds absolutely stunning and elegant, with a touch of sophistication.

The band’s design is super thin, measuring 1.3mm in width and 1.45mm in height, which gives it a delicate and refined appearance on the finger.

The main feature of the band is the channel setting that goes all the way around the shank. Within the channel setting, there are a total of .40 carats of natural, French cut baguette blue sapphires. The use of French cut baguettes adds a timeless and classy touch to the ring.

The sapphires are set end-to-end in the channel, creating a continuous line of rich blue gemstones that encircle the entire band. This design choice allows the beauty of each individual sapphire to shine while also ensuring a seamless and cohesive look for the entire ring.

The sides of the band are high polished, providing a sleek and smooth surface that contrasts nicely with the sparkle of the sapphires. Additionally, the edges of the band are milgrained, adding a subtle vintage-inspired detail that enhances the overall elegance of the ring.

The fact that each sapphire baguette is hand-cut into a French cut demonstrates the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating this exquisite piece of jewelry. Hand-cut gemstones add a level of uniqueness and artistry, making each ring slightly different and truly one-of-a-kind.

Overall, this PT950 platinum eternity wedding band with French cut baguette blue sapphires is a beautiful choice for those seeking a refined, timeless, and luxurious piece of jewelry to symbolize their eternal love and commitment.

Skinny French Sapphires Eternity Ring

Sku:  B055BG85MH

Measurements:  1.3mm wide, 1.4mm tall

Metal:  Platinum 950

Sapphire Cut: French Cut Baguette Sapphires

Sapphire quality: AAA (approx. 0.40cttw)

Finish: High polish, milgrain

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