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Textured Rugged Men’s band


Textured Rugged Men’s band

Embrace rugged masculinity with our Textured Rugged Men’s Band. Handcrafted in 14K yellow gold, this 6mm wide band exudes a unique charm with its textured and scratched design, reminiscent of well-worn authenticity. Each band is meticulously crafted from scratch, ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece with distinct scratches and dents, adding to its rustic allure. While maintaining consistent dimensions, every band carries its own character, making it as unique as your love story

Textured Rugged Men’s band

Sku#  B4029WPP-2

Ring Width: 6mm

Material: 14k yellow gold (also available in white gold)

Designer: OroSpot

Finish: Unique dents and scratches

Designed and produced from scratch by OroSpot in New York City

Please allow 2-3 weeks to complete the order.


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