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Claddagh Irish Wedding Ring


Claddagh Irish Wedding Ring

The Claddagh Irish Wedding Ring, often referred to simply as a Claddagh ring, is a traditional Irish ring that holds significant cultural and symbolic meaning. It features a distinctive design:

  1. Hands: The ring typically features two hands clasping a heart, symbolizing love and affection. The hands are often interpreted as a representation of friendship.
  2. Heart: The heart at the center of the design symbolizes love and romance.
  3. Crown: A crown is placed on top of the heart, representing loyalty and faithfulness in the relationship.

The way the ring is worn also carries meaning:

  • Worn on the right hand with the heart facing outward: This signifies that the wearer is single and potentially looking for love.
  • Worn on the right hand with the heart facing inward: This means that the wearer is in a relationship or engaged.
  • Worn on the left hand with the heart facing inward: This shows that the wearer is married.

The Claddagh ring is a cherished and enduring symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship, and it is often exchanged as a token of affection, particularly in romantic relationships and during weddings or engagements. It originated in the Claddagh, a fishing village in Galway, Ireland, in the 17th century and has since become an iconic representation of Irish heritage and culture. The Claddagh ring’s design and the way it is worn have made it a meaningful and recognizable piece of jewelry, not just in Ireland but around the world.

Claddagh Irish Wedding Ring

Metal: Solid 14k gold (Available in white, yellow or rose gold)

Finish: High polish, Sand blast background

Width: 6.6MM

SKU: B5500wpp

Designed and produced from scratch by OroSpot

Please allow 2-3 weeks to complete the order.

Finger Size

Size 4, Size 4.25, Size 4.5, Size 4.75, Size 5, Size 5.25, Size 5.5, Size 5.75, Size 6, Size 6.25, Size 6.5, Size 6.75, Size 7, Size 7.25, Size 7.5, Size 7.75, Size 8

Gold Type

Rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold


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